Fast and Easy chicken thighs

First post! Welcome!

When I say easy chicken AND fast, I mean it. I do not cook for the sake of cooking!


7 Chicken thighs (boneless and skinless) – cut in chunks

barbecue sauce

Can of crushed pineapple




So, First… I started the rice cooking on the stove. (white rice).

While thats starting to come to a boil… I turned the Instant pot on to Saute. Chop the chicken into chunks. Chop some onion and sweet pepper.

When the Instant pot says “hot”.. I added oil, and chicken. Add any seasoning you want– I liberally added Mrs Dash Chicken seasoning. Saute for a few mins on each side.

Add the onion and peppers. Saute for another couple mins.

Turn off Pot. Add can of crushed pineapple. Add BBQ sauce and I added about 3/4 cup water to make sure it was not too thick to trigger the burn.

Put on Lid and set to sealing. Manual for 8 mins. QR because I hate waiting.

Drained rice, and served with chicken. Voila!

Pork roast

Wanted a quick meal with little prep cause I was out for the afternoon. I had left a pork roast defrosting but had given little thought to supper as usual.

I first sauted roast in small amount of oil in IP. Then I dumped a 640 jar of unsweetened apple sauce in, as well as 1/2 cup of water. Put in roast. Added 1/2 onion chopped. Sprinkled oregano and pepper.

Cooked 20 mins per pound on manual. Quick release. Served with buttered steamed carrots! Yum! The goddess wins again!

pasta and meat sauce

This will be lazy womans pasta!


  • 1 lb ground beef
  • onion, garlic, green pepper, mushroom
  • Large can of diced tomatoes (28 oz)
  • 2 cups pasta
  • 2 cups water
  • jar of spaghetti sauce (640 ml)
  • seasoning – pepper, italian and such

I literally decided at 3:30 pm that I was making pasta. So I started with frozen beef. It was also a “what do I have to make something easy?”.

Turn the IP on saute. Add a sploosh of cooking oil. Add beef and onion. You have to stir it more often than I like since its frozen. I added 3 garlic cloves minced, and Italian seasoning. When it was defrosted and browning I had to add a little more oil, because we have been buying super lean beef. I added the green pepper at this point. When meat is browned, turn off IP.

Add tomatoes and spaghetti sauce and stir in water. Add pasta– DO NOT STIR, just use spoon to press beneath the liquid level.

Manual 3 mins and QR. add a bit of cheese, or a lot, and enjoy! (yea i totally added more cheese after i took the pic.)

Almost, but not quite, POT ROAST

  • Beef Roast
  • water
  • potatoes
  • onions
  • carrots
  • beef “better than bouillon”

I wanted a Pot roast- but honestly there seems to be so many conflicting opinions on how long to do each portion and I did not want to end up with tough meat or overcooked veggies! This is more steps than I like- but still requires no timing or checking as IP beeps after cycle and I am not doing any natural releases.

Turn on IP on Saute- put a splash of oil in and sear meat on all sides. Turn off IP. add two cups water combined with 2 tsp beef “better than bouillon”(i really have to just call that BTB and save on the typing. !) Deglaze bottom of pan. (I am a plain eater- feel free to add anything else at this point like worcestershire or different seasonings etc)

Close and Seal IP and set Manual for 20 mins per pound. Use this time to peel potatoes and chop some onion. I only cut my potatoes in half lengthwise (they are yukon gold large) because I want them to cook at them same speed as the carrots.

When your IP sings its little finale song.. Vent with a quick release.

Add your carrots, onion, and potatoes. Set Manual for 10 mins, seal and start.

When complete- remove veggies and roast and set aside. Mix together some flour and water . Turn IP on saute- pour in water/flour and whisk until desired gravy consistency reached.

Serve and enjoy!

Cornbread bites

I had never eaten cornbread until last year when I made it for my American husbands birthday. I did it then in a cast iron pan… checking and poking with a toothpick and cooking some more. Then never made it again, because as you know, thats not my speed-cooking way!

I recently made Cornbread bites/muffins in the Instant Pot and they were awesome and gone quickly! I just put in another batch (cause I had to use up the buttermilk, right??) and decided to share with you!

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup cornmeal
  • 1 TBSP baking powder
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil.(well, i used canola)
  • 1 cup buttermilk
  • 1 egg

So first, spray with cooking spray 2 egg bite molds. put 1.5 cups of water in the bottom of the Instant pot as well as a rack.

Mix together your wet ingredients. Then mix together your dry ingredients. Then mix it all until just combined.

Scoop into egg bite molds and put lids on. Don’t overfill.

To create space between two molds while cooking– lay 2-3 mason jar lid rings in between the molds.

Manual 5 mins and 3 mins NR.

Yummy warm with butter. Enjoy. Takes all of ten minutes to be nibbling!

Introducing InstantPotGoddess

I hate cooking! No, I REALLY hate cooking. I have no patience and dislike standing in the kitchen checking everything, stirring everything, waiting, waiting. So what USED to happen… I would leave the kitchen and next thing you know… something is burnt or dried out beyond edible. My kids still joke about my “boiled chicken” because I baked it in water. In my mind that would help it not dry out when I forgot to check. (no, it did NOT work.LOL)

I got my Instant Pot for christmas, and soon realized that everything I cooked, no matter how easy and fast, seemed so wonderful that I felt like a Goddess in the kitchen! After posting regularly on FB, I decided to make a blog!

I will not be making things that truly ARE technically difficult. You will need a different blog for that! This will be easy and fast, I hope. But meals that made me think “Wow, I rock!”

Bon Appetit!

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